Couple Ballet

Couple Ballet

At Nritya Dance Academy, our Couple Ballet classes offer a unique and enchanting experience for partners to connect through the art of dance. This class is designed for couples of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned dancers, providing a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow together.

In our Couple Ballet class, you'll learn elegant ballet techniques and graceful movements that require teamwork and trust, enhancing your connection both on and off the dance floor. Join us for Couple Ballet and create lasting memories as you twirl, lift and glide in harmony with your partner. 

Class Info

Duration: 1 Hours

Students: 60

Time: 60 Hours

Days: Monday

Class Price: $300

Why It's The Best?

Couple ballet stands out as an extraordinary art form, seamlessly blending the elegance of classical ballet with the intimacy of partnership. 

couple ballet2
  • Celebrates the beauty of human connection and partnership through synchronized movement.
  • Provides a unique opportunity for shared artistic expression and creativity between partners.
  • Celebrates the beauty of human connection and partnership through synchronized movement.
  • Enhancing trust and communication skills between dance partners.
Learning Steps

Learning couple ballet is an enchanting journey that celebrates the beauty of partnership and harmony in movement.

Couple Ballet lessons, dancers begin by establishing a strong foundation in basic partner techniques such as handholds, positioning and mirroring movements. 

Dancers dive deeper into foundational steps, such as simple lifts, turns, and dips. Emphasis is placed on proper alignment, balance and timing, as partners learn to execute movements.

Dancers continue to refine their technique and expand their movements. They explore more sequences and transitions, incorporating elements of storytelling and expression into their performances.

Dancers showcase their progress as they tackle more advanced choreography and partnering skills. 

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