Dance Classes

contemporary dance

Contemporary Dance

Explore the beauty of expressive movement in our Contemporary Dance classes. 
Learn how to convey emotions and tell stories through fluid and dynamic choreography.

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couple dance class

Couple Dance Class

A couple dance class is a delightful and enriching experience designed for pairs looking to explore the art of dancing together and enhance their connections with our dance.

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classical dance

Classical Dance Class

Embrace the beauty of Bharatanatyam, a dance that seamlessly blends tradition with expressive movement. Allowing you to delve into its rich tradition.

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kids ballet

Kid’s Ballet

Delight in the wonder of ballet as your child embarks on a journey of grace, coordination and storytelling. Sparkle and shine as your child explores the enchanting world of ballet.

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couple ballet

Couple Ballet

Explore the seamless blending of movement, emotion and connection as you and your partner embark on a graceful journey through the world of ballet. Exploring the beauty of ballet together.

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classic ballet

Classic Ballet

Dive into the world of classic ballet and discover the timeless beauty of graceful movements. Elegance of Classic Ballet where dancers can express themselves through the language of movement.

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hip hop dance

Hip-Hop Dance

Elevate your dance skills with our hip-hop classes, where you'll learn to groove, flow, and own the stage with confidence and style.

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cardio dance

Cardio Dance

Discover the joy of exercising through dance with our exciting cardio dance sessions. Effective way to improve your health and fitness.

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break dance

Break Dance

Transform your dance journey and break into the vibrant of breaking with our classes that emphasize expression and individuality.

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