Your 1 st class would typically be on the day you picked when registering (EX:
you registered for Wednesday class, then your first class would be on the 1 st
Wednesday after registering)

No, you do not have to perform in any extra event, it is your choose especially
as there are extra charges. It is not mandatory, but we encourage students to try
to take part in at least 1 event as performing is motivating, helps self-esteem,
helps students with how teamwork helps the dance group, helps stepping on

We aim to complete a pre-determined set of choreography within a given
session. This means students learn a melody of 3-4 songs anywhere from 3-5
minuets of a melody, depending on the student’s ability to pick up. We strive to
teach dance technique rather than focusing on finish a song. Our priority is to
ensure students are enjoying what they are learning which is more encouraging
rather than pushing them beyond their capability which will result in disinterest. If
you have specific questions regarding class or students’ progress, please feel
free to send email or call and ask to speak to Pallavi.

Yes! We have classes all year around. We closely follow public school
Classes are offered from August – May (Fall/Spring Semester) June and July
Summer Schedule.
We are only closed during: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s week.
We also follow bad weather day policy.

We are always accepting new students all year around as long as your
desired class is not full. We usually do not turn away any student unless it is full
to the max, but we have plenty of options to choose from. The best part of having
your own dance studio is we can always make room or add more classes.

Absolutely! We do not turn anyone away from dancing. We are always
enrolling new students all year. We do our best to make sure all students are on
the same page no matter when they join. If you still are hesitant call our office
and you will be guided to plan accordingly.

Our teachers come from India on a work contract. They are picked from
auditions with variety work experience under their belt ranging from being stage
performers, background dancers for large production house for Hindi cinema to
being assistant choreographers’ dancing/performer and choreography our
favorite stars. (You can view their work on FB, Instagram, YouTube).

Every student needs to wear their Nritya t-shirt to class with sweatpants, track
pants, leggings or sport shorts to create a sense of unity in class.
It is important students represent Nritya by following dress code, as wearing
dresses, inappropriate shorts or tops can be disruptive to teammates.
No skid sneakers or shoes, no slippers or crocs allowed unless instructed by
teacher if barefoot dancing is involved.

If you are not sure, call us! Typically, it is best to choose the correct age group
corresponding with the dancer’s age. Please do not register to older age group
just for your convenience. The teacher knows best. Ideally make sure to select a
class accordingly to the correct age group, the teacher will discuss about
placement if needs to be changed. It is very discouraging when parents want
their child to advance but student is not ready, then they lose interest from
dancing. Let the student grow at their pace.

Not to worry, all our classes are beginner friendly. Our goal is to make you into
a confident dancer. Come try a free trial class and see for yourself.

The maximum number of students depends on the age group and level of
class. We have 12 to 16 students per batch depending on location and age group.

Yes! We participate in events in the DFW area which are organized by
community organizers. Each event has age group requirements therefore
whenever there is a show we communicate the message with the groups and if
we have enough people interested then we take the students! (Each event has a
separate fee depending on event requirements)

Classes missed will not be made up, unless cancelled by academy for any unforeseen reason.
Fees will not be credited or pro-rated, if the student misses a class, then the
teacher will go their best to make sure they are caught up, also they will receive
class video so the student can try to learn at home.

Most of our classes are Bollywood/Tollywood songs and the style taught will
depend on the song selection; The styles can range from Bollywood freestyle, bhangra, folk, contemporary, hip-hop,

No. we do not prorate for missed classes. Our dancers will receive their at home
practice video, as well as the teacher will make sure they are not left behind in class.

Once payment is made and 1 st class is attended after taking a free trial class
the no refund policy takes into effect. If there is some medical issue, then the
teacher/management may consider.
Please refer to the refund policy page on the website.

Nritya reserves the right to cancel a particular class or batch at our discretion.
Due to any unavoidable circumstances Nritya may choose to replace the main
instructor with a substitute teacher. Nritya also reserves the right to cancel a
class and provide a make-up class.

If any of your question are still unanswered, please do not hesitate to reach out
to us.
Phone: 972-974-6017

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